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You can access your personal account data at any time under the section "My Account"  by entering your email and password. If you have forgotten your password then simply click on the "Forgotten Password" Link on the Login page. 
You can also make an enquiry with us regards obtaining your data, changing or deleting it. Simply send an email to



Your security is number one on our list!

We value your trust in SZOLC and ensure that we operate with the highest care and security standards when it concerns your personal data.



SZOLC does not provide a third party with your private data. The details needed for completing your order are handled with the upmost privacy. We only keep your details on our system in order to provide you with a fast and efficient order process.



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SZOLC Online Shop only creates one information on your computer: a session id. On the basis of this id, the customer gets identified. So it's possible that you only have to put in your login-information once. 
At your next visit you will automatically be loged in as our customer. Only in case you use a public computer or a computer which is used by more people, you should not use cookies. Simply deactivate cookies at registration.